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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Imperial High" - Hollis

Hollis releases debut single, “Imperial High,” about falling back in love with life through an otherworldly romance. In life, we are always chasing what makes us high. Whether it’s success, fame, or most commonly, love, finding it gives you an indescribable sensation of resurrection into a person you only dreamed you could be. We have scars from past loves that heed caution when putting your heart on the line again, but sometimes the risk is worth every bit of the reward, tenfold. We’re all searching for the connection that transcends any movie or storybook, and when it’s finally in your grasp, every day feels like euphoria. Some people really aren’t too good to be true, so when you give your heart to someone who makes you grateful to be alive, chase that feeling. Throw fear out the window, and let yourself free fall into the ecstasy where you have to pinch yourself only to realize you’re not dreaming.

“Imperial High” is a shimmering song that explores the feeling of coming alive through an epic love. The song takes listeners on a journey of hope, excitement, and passion that comes with a magnetic connection. Steeped in chunky, driving instrumentals and ambience pads, “Imperial High” leaves an open soundscape for people to fall deep into. This song was created 30,000 feet about the ground as Hollis hummed and furiously scribbled on a plane. Something was in the air, and it was inspiration and sheer talent. Hollis immersed herself into “Imperial High” and you can feel the emotions and intimacy in the final product. There’s some feelings of bliss that are hard to put into words, but Hollis does it immaculately with her first single.

Hollis Long is a 24-year-old indie rock singer/songwriter, known musically by her first name, Hollis. Her music is a blend of classic pop melodies, alternative rock sounds, and introspective lyrics that capture the complexities of coming of age and the human experience as a whole. Hollis is both imaginative and expressive in her craft, showcasing her unique perspective on the world at such a young age. Known for her upbeat energy, driving guitar riffs, and thought-provoking lyrics, her music evokes profound emotions in anyone who hits play. “Imperial High” is Hollis’ debut single, and she’s just getting started with more releases lined up for the summer that showcase her raw talent and astute take on the world!

Written By Grace Chapman



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