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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "sorry i'm a mess" - Germano

Germano's new single "sorry i'm a mess" is a tongue-in-cheek breakup anthem about being the reason a relationship ended abruptly. The singer-songwriter said a real-life breakup of his was the root of inspiration behind the track. "It was so out of left field to me that I thought I was the one to blame for the split," he says, "even though I later realized most of the reasons they gave me were actually out of my control." Unfortunately, it is a story we all know too well: blaming ourselves for a breakup that was not our fault. And in "sorry i'm a mess," Germano leans into this 'messy' role. The lyrics are self-deprecating as the song ironically flaunts all of these flaws. In the music video, Germano spraypaints his ex's car, hijacks life news- broadcasts, and even performs seances to try and get this person back---which we've all been there before. But for as funny as it can be, "sorry i'm a mess" is a sincere song; everyone has felt like they must not be good enough if this one individual does not like them back, and Germano writes about this experience candidly. Just the chorus, "sorry i'm such a mess / as you said it I did my best / if you give what you take / then why would you break up with me like that?" shows this universal feeling of wondering what could be wrong with you, when in reality, it's nothing. "sorry i'm a mess" is a relatable, and charming indie-pop groove.

Germano wrote "sorry i'm a mess," all by himself and even self-directed the music video. This D.I.Y. approach translates into a gorgeous piece of bedroom pop. "sorry i'm a mess" is a low-key pop tune. The strumming guitars are subtle, and Germano sings in a chill, Clairo-esque tone. Though it may be quieter, the track is still incredibly melodic. The "then why would you break up with me like that?" is an instant earworm, and Germano sprinkles in catchy "La la las" throughout. "sorry i'm a mess" is the perfect song for singing and nodding along to during a late night drive--unless you were just abruptly broken up with, in which, it's the perfect song to scream along to. In this single, Germano proves himself to be a strong indie artist.

Germano is a Brazilian-born singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. His music inspiration comes from 2000s pop, indie, and hip-hop, which he merges to make his own sound. "sorry i'm a mess" is his first single since 2020, though it certainly will not be his last for the near future. The track is just the first release from many new records he plans on premiering this summer. In his career thus far, the artist has made a big splash already. On Spotify, his only two singles, "Cool" and "Lost Crowd," already have nearly 400,000 streams combined, and on YouTube, he has over 12,000 subscribers. It is exciting to see what Germano does next, as "sorry i'm a mess" proves it will be something worth listening to.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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