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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Sorry To Your Next Ex" - Haiden

Everyone has their own way of handling a breakup. Some move on quickly, finding new love in a matter of weeks. Others need several boxes of tissues and a pile of comfort food before they try to find someone new. In Haiden’s new song, ‘Sorry To Your Next Ex’, he’s reached a point where he’s moved on. His ex though - she still lingers on what the two used to share. Haiden knows his ex is twisting the facts of their relationship, changing things to fit her own narrative as she tries to find a new partner. He uses this song as both an apology and warning to that next person.

Certain songs require you to take a drive, roll your windows down, and scream the lyrics into the wind. ‘Sorry To Your Next Ex’ is one of those songs. An infectious pop-rock beat pulses through the song. The beat ebbs and flows, working with Haiden’s vocals to express his different feelings. Softer moments focus on Haiden’s vocals before the instruments layer and build to the chorus. In these soft moments, you get a sense of Haiden’s indifference towards the way his ex speaks about him. The chorus is where he lets his passion ring clear, the increased intensity in the music helping express this emotion. He knows that he put a lot more into the relationship than his ex and can’t help but feel bad for the next person she dates. ‘Maybe she’ll be different, I wouldn’t quite expect it/But for your sake I hope I’m wrong/ ‘Cause maybe then I was the cause’. These last lyrics sum up what Haiden is trying to say throughout the song. He hopes that, for the next person, things will be different for them than it was for him and his ex.

Are you a fan of Shawn Mendes? If so, Haiden is the next artist you should add into your music rotation. Fun pop beats and catchy lyrics can be found throughout his growing music catalogue. This young artist is working hard to promote himself and his music on social media. A video he posted to promote, ‘Sorry To Your Next Ex’, currently has over 2.3 million views on TikTok. Appearing on numerous Spotify curated playlists, Haiden is an artist who has much more in store for his growing fanbase. If you liked, ‘Sorry To Your Next Ex’, you should check out his other single, ‘Can’t Hurt Me’.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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