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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Sparks" - Amanduh

Sparks by Amanduh Cover Art Promo Photo

Amanduh is here with a brand new single “Sparks”! A emotionally vulnerable account of a relationship with no rule substance, Amanduh tells the story with a mature outlook, realizing that the grass was greener on the other side. She declares in the first verse that her ex was her favorite person at the time, who eventually turned into just a lesson she learned. She was blind to the flaws in the relationship, even though her friends had warned her. Their relationship was a ticking time bomb, waiting for disaster to strike. Even her parents knew something was often when they met Amanduh’s ex, but they didn’t say it. As the winter came, she realized that maybe she didn’t want to be draped around his arm. She thought their dissonance would fizzle out, but it never did. Once they broke, she didn’t even shed a single tear and she realized that she was better off. In the end, Amanduh realized they were just sparks that would amount to nothing.

“Sparks” stands out in the alt pop scene, with a compelling lyrical flow and flowing acoustic melodies. Amanduh has a unique and special charm to her that is hard to describe, but it makes her music addicting to listen to. Her voice is crisp and the harmonies sprinkled throughout are cleverly created and laid out. The section that stands out to me the most is the chorus: it’s explosive and full of synthesizers that is reminiscent of some famous 2000s choruses. However, Amanduh balances this out with a raw, acoustic moment right before the final repeat of the chorus. The expertly-crafted production creates a special soundscape that sets it above the rest. 

Amanduh is an Australian singer-songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. Although she’s been a long time song-writer, she released her first single in 2022 titled “Old Flame”. Following her debut single, she released an EP, “Pantsuit”, with 4 sizzly and confident pop tracks. She took a step back from her spunky pop sound to create this vulnerable and memorable alt-pop track. The song was formed in a 15 minute songwriting session on her kitchen floor, and it was fully produced after only 2 days. Amanduh revealed in an interview with AMS that she might have a single or two up her sleeve coming later in 2024, so make sure to stay on the lookout for these amazing songs.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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