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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Steal Your Girl" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn shows her dynamic prowess with "Steal Your Girl", incorporating unexpected rises and falls with the lyrics and sound, setting up a story to leave us sitting on the edge of our seats. This track leaves color in its path, brightly leaving its trace through our minds after the first listen and praying that we stay for more. "Steal Your Girl" has an addictive quality with its near-EDM-style production but does not overwhelm our senses by adding her alluring verses. With this catchy new single, Estella Dawn showcases her talents. She gives us a unique feeling we can't find elsewhere, ensuring we know that she's precision, passion, and originality wrapped up in a dangerously compelling package.

She leaves venom with her lyrics in "Steal Your Girl". Telling men that she's capable of taking your woman since you don't seem to treat her like she deserves, leaving her alone in the club with your attention elsewhere. It's enamoring, words and melodies solid and fiery, with retro bass sounds transitioning into lower-toned verses and then a simple but powerful chorus. Dawn sings, "bout to lose big time, and I hope you do," pushing this confident spirit through her words and telling boys, "your loss is my find". Estella Dawn encompasses a sultry and seductive mood with this track, dangerously teetering along the line of intimidation and persuasion with her vocals and the emotion she establishes so carefully with this dynamic feel.

If you're looking for a passionate artist, diverse and striking in vocals and melody, you've found it here in Estella Dawn, a powerhouse raising the standards for modern pop. She was born and raised in New Zealand, but the singer/songwriter currently resides in the US, producing stunning works for the music scene. Her writing and singing are fiery and artistic, showing fans and listeners refreshing hooks and other traits with meanings and sounds. She's giving it her all with her passionate and bold releases or energetic and upbeat music, establishing herself as an undeniably stunning performer and musician.

Written by Jane Katryn



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