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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Still Recovering" - Bryce Drew

Bryce Drew kicks off a new phase of music containing deeper, heavier topics with her piece "Still Recovering." This song is about the trials of being someone who is so in touch with their emotions and what it is like to set boundaries for yourself. Drew states that this song is "a reminder that it's OK to set boundaries for yourself" and this piece reminds her audience that it is more than okay to express how you truly feel. She motivates her audience to no longer internalize their feelings, and to freely feel every vivid emotion they experience.

This song is full of raw emotion and Bryce's soul. The main aspects of this song that stick out are the soft piano keys, the bubbly beats, and Bryce's elegant vocals. The simplicity of the sounds in this piece makes it overall very impactful. Listeners are able to focus on every part of this song and are able to feel every bit of emotion Bryce put into this piece. The calming piano really warms the soul, and when paired with the energetic beats gives the melody a very delicate sound. As for her vocals, Bryce's are nothing short of spectacular. Her voice is so smooth and full of beauty and grace. Overall, she did an excellent job at creating such a soulful piece that gives listeners comfort in the idea that they are able to freely express their emotions.

The emotional landscape of Bryce Drew's music is brilliantly unsteady, with peaks and valleys ascending from emotive ballads into rhythmic pop anthems that carry the heartbeat of her Trinidadian-American roots. But in her soulful dexterity as an artist, and her innate ability to draw out complex emotions often hidden in the mundane, Bryce Drew shows she has all the elements of an icon in the making. Throughout the pandemic, Bryce stayed busy independently releasing her first three singles which have amassed over 1 million streams to date. Bryce has also been the support act for Nina Nesbitt, Dylan Conrique, Bre Kennedy, James Gillespie, and Zoe Wees. With her rich, honey vocal soaring over-imaginative finger-style guitar; Bryce Drew will have you searching the blue shadowy corners of your memory, longing for a sweet sip of golden nostalgia.

Written By Melina Darlas



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