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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Still that girl" - MADELINE.

Madeline released her new heartfelt single “Still that girl.” She encapsulated the emotional journey from a failed relationship. We feel the mourning and self growth that follows lost love. Madeline’s vocals were stunning on this track. It starts soft and builds into something that has you tapping your foot. Madeline said she created this song to express how love is better in the fanatical phase versus the reality that love is hard and can end. Sometimes it does end, but it doesn’t mean we don’t reflect on the good times.

This song has a feeling of nostalgia. She is looking back on the relationship and imagining all of the beautiful moments, concealing them in her mind. The hook “am I still that girl” leaves me wondering if Madeline wonders how the other person perceives her after all this time. She questions if they still see her as the girl she was from the innocent love. “Living on borrowed time” is such a powerful line she used to describe the dynamic of the relationship. It expresses how it was never meant to last, it was something to cherish in the moment. Madeline put her heart into the lyrics and painted a picture of reminiscing.

Madeline is a fantastic singer and songwriter. She takes her emotions and personal experience and turns them into something listeners can relate to. She is a pop based artist who is owning her creativity. Her evolution in her music is something to admire. “Still that girl” is only a glimpse into her talent. Her melodies and beats are a must listen. Check out her socials below to follow her journey.

Written By Emylee Herring



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