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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Stockholm Music Business Syndrome" - Flora Summers

Flora Summers stuns her listeners with the final piece to her debut EP, Obsessions. “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome” was the only song not released as a single prior to the project, saving the best track for last. Summers is one of the most talented independent artists in the business, always blowing expectations out of the water with her stunning vocals, mesmerizing production, and authentic lyrics. While the previous four tracks were flawless masterpieces that found their way on multiple playlists of mine, “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome” was a whole new class of its own. The impeccable song explores Summers’s experience in the music industry and the toxicity she has endured. After losing confidence in herself and her art, she took a step back, reassessed her ambitions, and decided to create an EP that she wrote and produced solely herself. This vulnerable track symbolizes the major reason why Summers needed to make this project, bringing her past year of music into a full circle moment.

Throughout the song, the lyrics illustrate the singer’s experience with being controlled by others, using her as their own personal “marionette doll” that they can use to make money and toss aside when they had enough. In the chorus, Summer’s sings: “He’s a grown baby// In it for the money// Never really loved me// He wanted to own me.” She holds nothing back as she exposes the vile person that kept her in shackles, preventing her from the creative freedom she deserves. She was stuck in this vicious cycle, a victim of the music industry’s own version of Stockholm syndrome. Hailing from Sweden herself, this metaphor only goes deeper, showcasing the singer’s clever songwriting skills.  Her desire to live her dreams clouded her vision from the unhealthy relationship with this person, and she felt indebted to them, like a kidnapped victim experiencing Stockholm syndrome toward their captor. Fortunately, Summers broke free of this figurative prison and began releasing music that is authentically who she is. The talented artist is an inspiration to all those in the industry, and even those that are not, reminding them that they can achieve their dreams once they let go of the people holding them back.

Deemed as “vintage-pop”, Flora Summers never fails to mesmerize audiences with her dreamy soundscapes and ethereal vocals. “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome” immediately kicks-off into the verse with the guitar utilizing a tremolo effect and what sounds to be like the stereo on a soundboard making the music float around the listener’s head. In the background, nearly imperceptible sirens begin simultaneously with the guitars, symbolizing the warnings she may have heard in the back of her mind when entering the industry. After the first chord, Summers’s angelic vocals kickstart the poignant storyline. “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome” contains a unique production in which the chords are played through the higher notes on the first guitar while the other plays the power chord matching this. The power chords continue and slide up to a different chord that transitions to the next full chord. This is then met by the first guitar playing the high notes again. This pattern focuses on the bass notes of the power chord rather than the higher notes, providing the song with the individualistic element. Then, the second half of the verse adds the bass and drums, focusing on the cymbals, emulating an old blues song. The pre-chorus changes the guitar to just the full chords with an additional melody that effortlessly floats the listener through the song. A brief production pause introduces the chorus, where the chords become more prevalent and layered vocals are heard in the background. As the song continues, Summers showcases her impressive range as she displays raw vulnerability in her lyrics. The remarkable artist captivates listeners with her stunning vocals and honest lyrics, making her one of the best artists of the modern era. With “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome”, Summers once again has proven that she has the talent, determination, and tenacity to become the next big superstar.


Flora Summers, also known as Ida Johannson, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Sweden. “Stockholm Music Business Syndrome” is the closing track to her newly released debut EP, Obsessions. Summers is one-half of the electro-pop duo, Isle of You. The duo was nominated for Artist of the Future in Swedish Radio for the P3 Guld Awards. Through her art, she aspires to create music that is honest and personal—something that is authentically her. Her sound is a beautiful blend of indie-folk and pop, drawing inspiration from other artists from the genre, such as Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and Angel Olsen. Summers has been featured on prominent Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday (Sweden and Iceland), På Repeat, Made In Sweden, Aktuellt, Från Norr till Söder, EQUAL, and more. She has also been featured on respected media platforms such as Nöjesguiden, HYMN, CLOUT, and Alfitude. Follow her on all socials to keep updated with any new music and announcements!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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