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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Storage" - Conor Maynard

Wouldn’t it be convenient if the memory operated like a filing cabinet? Picture it: memories that invoke a particular emotion could be stored in the same drawer. The memories that invoke pleasant memories could be placed high while the unsavory memories are placed very low – lower than the eyesight would bother to see. But most importantly, a memory couldn’t be retrieved unless we chose to open a particular drawer. It would prevent those pesky memories that have a mind of their own from imposing their presence on us when we least suspect it. And it would certainly help Conor Maynard with his broken heart in “Storage”.

“Storage” is a contemporary pop single about how we retain and ruminate on the various memories of a relationship after its end. The last thing we want to do is reminiscence post break-up, but these memories tend to occupy all the space within our mind. It makes the weight of the current heartache being experienced all the heavier to carry. The single opens with deep piano notes to reflect this weight, while Maynard divulges some of the memories from his previous relationship that are intruding his mind without warrant. But the depth of the heartache Maynard is experiencing is heard in the song’s chorus. Here Maynard pours his heart out, making listeners wish they could give him a big hug. As the song builds in momentum, listeners hear the addition of more instruments to convey both differing emotions as well as the contrast between reminiscing and the reality at hand. The beginning of the second verse recalls more memories to upbeat guitar plucking, signifying the nostalgia Maynard still holds for these memories during these moments of recollection. However, the pre-chorus that follows brings Maynard back to reality as forlorn violin strings play – these are now memories of someone he once loved and called his own. The music video also stresses another noticeable contrast; the one between physical stagnation and an overactive mind. Within the video, we see Maynard physically stagnant as he sits on a bedroom floor against a bed while singing “Storage” which serves as an outlet to voice the copious contents of his overactive mind.

After winning 2012’s MTV Brand New, Conor Maynard was signed to Parlophone Records and became one of the first artists to successfully transition from online fame to pop-stardom. Under the guidance of Ne-Yo, Maynard released his debut album Contrast in the same year. Since then, the artist has had a steady stream of released singles that highlight his growing vulnerability and maturity within music. In 2018, Maynard showcased his pipes on Broadway’s Kinky Boots, taking over the role of Charlie Price. His rendition of “Soul of A Man” is my personal favorite and it’s a crime that an official version was never released to stream. In 2020, Maynard departed from Parlophone Records to become an independent artist. Now, the independent pop icon’s upcoming album +11 Hours is set to be released on June 9th, with “Storage” featuring as the third single on the album. The album is centered around the difficult breakup Maynard experienced last year, with the album’s title being the time difference between the artist and his former partner. If you've enjoyed Conor Maynard's bittersweet ballad as much as I have, show him some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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