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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Stranger" - Vanda

Stranger by Vanda Cover art

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Vanda is back with her brand new single, "Stranger." The track is an empowering anthem about pushing away a toxic ex to the point where they are now just a stranger. The song is a moody genre-fusion, merging R&B, pop, and indie-rock. Its' sound is as cool as it is melodic. Instrumentally, 'Stranger' is mellow and heavy on acoustics, while, vocally, Vanda provides an impassioned, dynamic performance. "Stranger" is Vanda's first single since the release of her debut album "Sober In Another Life" from November of last year, and marks a new sonic direction for the artist, preceding more singles to come later this year. And if "Stranger" is any indication, Vanda's next project is bound to be a smash.

"Stranger" is a song to blast driving late at night. Its chilling, down-tempo groove is a perfect vibe-setter that is also ridiculously catchy. Seriously, that "push you away" chorus is a total earworm. The contrast of the acoustic guitar-centered verses and the grand reverb-heavy refrain makes for a dynamic and impactful listen. And Vanda's lyricism is just as sharp. "I tie my hands to let you lead" is just one of plenty of astute lines within the song that portray the unhealthy relationship described. As a track, "Stranger" is strong on all fronts.

Vanda is a Chicago-native indie-pop singer, songwriter, and producer who currently resides in LA. She began her music career after graduating from Hollywood's Musicians Institute in 2018. The following year, Vanda released her debut single, "Wish You Well," and her career has taken off ever since. The artist currently has over 2 million streams worldwide. Her collaboration with hit rapper Lucidicious on the track "Right Reasons," with over 1.2 million downloads on Spotify, and her last album, "Sober in Another Life, " are another massive success for Vanda. The album garnered enormous tracks like "Indigo" and "Fairytale," which have a collective 130,000 streams right now. Vanda has cultivated a strong audience with her authentic lyricism and undeniable vocal prowess. You can listen to her discography, including "Stranger," on streaming now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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