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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Strawberry Skittles" - Noelle Carrol

“Strawberry Skittles” offers a delectable experience through its music as well as a simple yet engaging story. A young woman in love is very confused as to how she got such a good, sweet, and handsome man in her life. She imagines all the sweet things he makes her feel and grows more and more in love with him. What she wants most is to show him an outward proclamation of love. Her imagination runs wild with a simple yet sickly sweet wedding for the two of them. As the sparkly beat plays in the background, she imagines simple paper plates and pink cowboy hats. Their love and what she wants to save for him is what truly matters, not just the imaginary wedding. What she wants to offer, of course, is the last cup of coffee, breakfast in bed, and strawberry skittles.

Noelle Carroll’s newest single is a sweet blend of upbeat instrumentation and lyrical professions of admiration. What really makes this single stand out is how well Carroll’s breathy voice mixes with the music. Every poppy beat is accompanied by a loving voice gushing over the boy that she admires deeply. Just the first second tells us exactly what sublime journey we are going to experience. Her very welcome voice slightly punches through, accompanied by a simple yet tangy guitar note. The guitar continues and is gradually intertwined with new instruments that are sprinkled in throughout the intro. Her voice really solidifies this song as a delectable anthem of simple yet all-encompassing love through rosé glasses.

Noelle Carroll is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Her primary music inspirations and role models growing up were artists such as Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell. She regularly goes to concerts for artists such as The 1975, Taylor Swift, and Phoebe Bridgers. She is a completely solo artist, proudly relying on her own talents and rocket her career skyward. One of her first introductions to musical success was when one of her singles was first played on BBC radio in January of this year, which is a notable accomplishment for any UK based artist. She has built a respectable following on social media sites and through her interviews. “Strawberry Skittles” is her newest single following the release of her first album “Beautiful Things”. It offers a different side to the multi-talented artist’s repertoire by being sweet and upbeat as opposed to her usual musical approach. Make sure to follow her social media and give “Strawberry Skittles” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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