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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Stupid" - bexx

Photo Credits: Elena Torrano

Have you ever been annoyed with yourself about how much you care for someone? It's hard to be mad when all you can think about is how happy they make you. Having arguments is pretty much unavoidable, even in the strongest of relationships. Sometimes you've got to just a take a step back, realize what you've got, swallow your pride and say you're sorry. "Stupid" by bexx is a love song that sarcastically labels everything you love about someone as "stupid" when you're in the middle of a fight; like their stupid face and their stupid smile; when really the only thing that is stupid is the fact that you're even wasting any time arguing instead of loving each other.

"Stupid" has a simple but strong nostalgic pop soundscape that focuses on the lyrics and having fun more than anything else. The beat is very 80's and carries bexx's soulful but playful tone through this fun-loving bop. My favorite lyric is "I hate this song 'cause it's about you' because it makes me giggle when I think about the context and how happy the music sounds against these words. "Stupid" is a very unserious song, but still very relatable and both of those things shine through in the music video as well.

bexx is a queer pop artist and singer/songwriter from the UK. Her music covers topics like queer dating, body image and mental health. "Stupid" is a single off her brand new debut EP, "SUCKER" which is a collection of five songs. The EP also includes her other recent single, "I'm Disgusting!". bexx debuted her career in 2021 with her first single, "Hard To Love" and has been taking over the British pop scene ever since with an impressive 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. bexx has headlined at Nottinghamshire Pride as well as supported as an opener for others on tour. She's only getting started, so make sure to follow her journey below.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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