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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Summer Dreaming" - Bingo Players x Pure Shores

If you're searching for the perfect summer anthem to blast in your car with the windows down or dance around to at the beach, look no further than "Summer Dreaming." The exciting electro-pop track just released on May 22nd, and it will have you swaying around in the sun. "Summer Dreaming" is the fun new collaboration between Dutch DJ/producer Bingo Players and Swedish pop duo Pure Shores. A track that sounds both fresh and nostalgic, it provides all the best feel-good vibes that you want for the summer season. Make sure to add it to your streaming library today.

Bingo Players and Pure Shores have combined their dance pop skills into the infectious track, "Summer Dreaming." With a disco influence and sound similar to Icona Pop, this new release is not just meant to be heard; it is meant to move around to. On this track, Pure Shores sings about reuniting with a former love and dancing with them again. This is expressed with lines like "Although I haven't seen you in a while / One minute and we're back where we started" and "Feels like a new beginning / It's been a while but it's never too late for us." The uplifting soundscape and bright vocals combined to make the perfect summer anthem.

Bingo Players consist of Dutch music producer Maarten Hoogstraten, who specializes in house and dance music. This musical project has earned over 2.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Pure Shores is a pop duo formed by Marlene Strand and Ji Nilsson. They have amassed over 50 million streams along with features and credits. It is no wonder these artists have garnered so many streams with their fun, electro dance music sounds. If you enjoyed "Summer Dreaming," make sure to keep up with all the latest information on Bingo Players and Pure Shores by following the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray




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