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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Summer Feeling" - Alessiah

Alessiah’s song, “Summer Feelings,” is a bright pop tune about the comings and goings of the summertime. I remember being in school and enjoying my summer. Before I knew it, I would be watching TV and JCPenney’s back to school advertisement would flash onto the screen. Even if you’re not in school anymore and have to work, you can still get a kind of mini summer by taking a vacation. You’re just as sad, if not more so, when the vacation ends, and you have to face the real world again. Whatever the situation is, I am sure we can all relate to the sadness that Alessiah is singing about.

I enjoyed the overall instrumentation of the track. The happy mood made it a great musical representation of summer itself. I also enjoyed how Alessiah reflects on her summer memories. The lyrics do a good job of appealing to the senses. For instance, the opening line on the second verse is, “I just need one more taste of that lemonade.” Similarly, the chorus has a lyric that goes “…laying in the field under purple skies.” The fact that Alessiah remembers what the lemonade tasted like or the color of the sky ensures that the memories will be stored forever in her mind. This way, she can always remember those good times.

If you liked “Summer Feeling” and want more upbeat jams, you should check out Alessiah’s other song, “Darling.” It is even more upbeat than “Summer Feeling” and reflects on the feeling of being in love. The songs kind of relate to one another because romance definitely heats up in the summertime! I hope you feel inspired to go make some memories!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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