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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Summer in the Morning" - Rob Lea

I’m willing to admit I’m not the best singer. You can easily mistake my singing for that of a little kid’s. I misremember lyrics and roll with whatever comes out of my mouth; I don’t get the tone quite right, but my enthusiasm knows no bounds; and I’m guaranteed to make you smile and giggle a bit, too. But every now and then, a song gets me so swept up in the moment that I forget I’m making coffee in my kitchen. This week, the song that’s had me under its spell is Rob Lea’s “Summer in the Morning”. It’s light, sweet, and leaves me craving more exactly like a cup of café con leche with sugar.

“Summer in the Morning” is a playful Pop single that compares a brief love to the aesthetics of summer mornings. The single opens with faraway callings of the song’s title before an atmosphere of light guitar strumming and soft whistling envelope the listener alongside it. It beckons the listener to recall summers of the past. The whistling begins to fade to the background, forcing the guitar notes’ prominence as Lea delivers the first verse of the song with soulful vocals. Listeners then get to feel Lea’s passion reach its height during the chorus; here we witness how much he truly cherishes the woman that inspired this song. For the rest of the song’s course, listeners can hear and resonate with the longing for this love. But this longing makes the eventual reunion that much more rewarding because the artist has “been waiting all [his] life to meet a woman like you”. This lyric makes any woman crave a love with an ounce of resemblance to the song – we love knowing and being reminded that we’re the only one for you. And if you’re struggling to find the right words to express to the woman in your life how much you adore her, playing “Summer in the Morning” is guaranteed to let her know she’s your muse.

Sired in Lead but brought up in Blackpool, Rob Lea, is no stranger to the spotlight. For the last decade, Lea’s been masquerading as Freddie Mercury for one of the most recognized Queen tribute bands; Majesty. The artist and his group have toured and performed for outstanding crowds throughout the U.K. and Europe. For fellow fans of ITV’s Starstruck, you might even remember Lea competing and becoming one of the finalists as Freddie Mercury, too! While the artist still performs with Majesty, he’s decided to release his own music on the side. “Reflection” was Lea’s emotionally driven debut single, and “Summer in the Morning” is his lighthearted follow-up single. I cannot wait to see Lea do solo performances for his singles. In the meantime, listeners can catch him performing with Majesty for The Break Free Tour. The next show they have is for September 3rd, in Coventry at the Belgrade Theatre at 7:30 PM. If that’s too short of notice, the band has multiple performance dates scheduled for the future. Until then, shower Lea in virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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