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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "SUMMER LOVE" - Hannah Duckworth

Remember watching rom-com movies about teenagers in the Summertime when you were a kid and dreaming about falling in love like that someday? No? Just me? Well it was a hopeful feeling that one day you'd be on a beach with all your friends and then the person of your dreams comes out of the ocean and swoops you right off of your feet. "SUMMER LOVE" by Hannah Duckworth reminds me of that early 2000's pop punk song that plays at the beginning of these Summer rom-com movies as all of the teenagers are leaving the high school after the last bell rings.

The energy in this song gets you pumped for warm sunset drives with the windows down, or just laying outside with your sunglasses on and earbuds in while you catch some sunrays. "SUMMER LOVE" is a pop punk ballad through-and-through with a heavy and distorted variety of electric guitars and drums that make you want to dance. I can imagine this song being performed at an outdoor punk festival and it being a crowd favorite. Produced by Aaron Gillespie, "SUMMER LOVE" is part of an upcoming EP by Hannah Duckworth which we can expect later this Summer!

Hannah Duckworth is an indie artist based in Seattle, Washington. Basing her sound of of nostalgia and music that inspired her when she was younger, Hannah uses a blend of 90s grunge, pop, and 2000's pop punk to create a modernized style for herself that also has hints of emo and new-age indie rock. With guitar-driven music and deep, angsty lyrics, Hannah takes pop punk to a brand new level. Check out her other singles, "Stay Quiet" and "Arsonist" if you want to hear more!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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