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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Summer" - The Ninth Empire

The Ninth Empire Summer Cover Art

Within the burgeoning landscape of emerging artists, the Ninth Empire, an enigmatic solo entity, captures the resonant tones of heartache and the anticipation of healing in their latest track "Summer," featuring upcoming pop sensation Divinova. "Summer" narrates the tale of longing for the metaphorical and literal warmth that the season brings, paralleling the aching desire to emerge from the chill of a complicated romance into the promise of rejuvenation and light. The track deftly stitches the hope that accompanies the dissolution of past entanglements with an outlook for fresh beginnings. With this song, the Ninth Empire weaves a compelling story of personal evolution, drawing a vivid connection between the natural shedding of the old and the embrace of brighter days, both in climate and in spirit.

The sonic identity of "Summer" is as much an evolution as its subject matter, a fusion of genres that finds a cohesive home in the Ninth Empire's production. Recorded and finalized in a home studio, the track resonates with the intimate touch of an artist who serves as both creator and curator of their sound. With pop-punk roots and a hip hop flair, the song delivers an upbeat tempo that belies the depth of its lyrics, providing an optimistic backdrop to the pacing of stirring vocals and an indelible hook. It's in the detailed layering of instruments and textures—where punk rock's edgy bass meets the infectious rhythm of pop—that "Summer" finds its unique charm, hitting a special note for listeners navigating their way toward personal catharsis.

Lifting off with an impressive early following, the Ninth Empire marks "Summer" as the sixth single in a rapid but significant journey that only began in February of this year. Already amassing over 100k streams and hitting number one on the Hyppedit Punk Top 100 chart, the Ninth Empire stands out not only for their musical offerings but their philosophical musings on the creative process: "Angels take life lightly, and that's why their wings are wider." With a story of origin that humbly began with a karaoke bar encounter and now unfolds across the music world, the Ninth Empire and "Summer" deliver a soundtrack ripe for reinvention and introspection, resonating with anyone eager to turn their back on the cold, and face the sun-filled promise of what's to come.

Written By Megan Cao


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