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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "sunshine" - Jiwon

Jiwon Sunshine Cover Art

Artist Jiwon releases his latest single, “sunshine,” a relaxing and modern alternative blend of electronic sounds in its own genre, one that Jiwon has skillfully crafted on his own. The song is an authentic and reflective piece in which Jiwon invites us into his world, one that is emotionally challenging. Jiwon notes when writing the song in college he felt miserable at the time and wanted to “make something that [he] could bump on the way to class and not feel super depressed.” Titled, “sunshine,” Jiwon's sound is fun and experimental, contrasted with lyrics filled with longing and deep inward struggles that Jiwon faces. Jiwon writes, “Sunshine on my windowsill just another rush if I pop that pill.” The single sounds like a yearning for happiness, a pining for a happier and stable state of mind. The image of sunshine streaming through the window seems to make Jiwon feel trapped, yearning for an escape from troubled thoughts as he immerses himself musically in this spacey mix of cool beats.

With multiple sounds and beats moving together, despite feeling chaotic, the track sounds like a pleasant and chill blend of pieces that bounce off one another with ease. The chorus takes a step away from the relaxed tone and catapults listeners into another world where techno waves rush over us and static radio sounds crackle over our ears. It's as if we are a lost and lonely astronaut floating through time and space, trying to phone home to Earth. Musically original, listeners are immersed in a futuristic world, and yet a modern one as electronic instruments clash with sounds that bring us back down to earth. The acoustic guitar supports the song, keeping it cool and loose, setting a hippie tone while slowing the song's pace and keeping it lighter. The song centers around its unique blend of sounds rather than focusing solely on Jiwon’s voice, which acts as a steady stabilizer within the wonderfully intense musical fusion. Brilliantly crafted and artistically individualistic, “sunshine” showcases Jiwon's free spirit and musical talent.

Born in New York City, Jiwon was influenced by his father's love for rock and punk bands, as well as his mother's attention towards classical training. Jiwon is a multi-instrumentalist and has learned the piano, cello, bass guitar, and drums. He has been inspired by musical influences like Lou Reed and Jai Paul, who he follows in his unique musical expression. During the pandemic, while studying philosophy at Harvard and exploring musically, Jiwon soon released his 2023 album, Album 1, highly praised for its raw and honest lyrics and distinctive sound. “Sunshine” is Jiwon's own creation as he is known for writing his own pieces and producing his own music single-handedly. With over 500,000 total streams, "sunshine" transcends musical barriers and structures, standing on its own stage. Check out Jiwon’s latest creation below!

Written By Mia Chavez



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