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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Symptoms" - Laura Rizzotto

Heartbreak can leave us incapacitated. It can leave us implicitly impotent, succumbing to the interminable distress that weeps out from our perforated hearts. It takes a special kind of resilience to seek light out of such disconsolate heartache. Yet, when we take that first step to heal our deep wounds, we find that we may flourish even in the depths of a heartbreak that once seemed irremediable. We discover that the cavernous punctures in our hearts can heal even better than it was before. It’s a significant moment when we find just how empowering heartbreak can be, showing us that we can burgeon without the ones who caused such smarting pain. The song Symptoms by Laura Rizzotto does an incredible job of depicting heartbreak as such, it can be painful, but it can also be a time of healing. In the song, Laura illustrates a scene where she partakes in activities that destroy any recollections of her past love, singing about how she would be starting over, entirely wiping out any memories of her past love as though they had never even existed. This portrays how, although she was once wallowing in her affliction and suffering, she has now found it in her heart to heal herself from the utter bedlam her former lover left behind– making her heal even faster from such a daunting breakup. Anyone who has previously experienced such anguish can recognize these lyrics as a dagger to the heart, reminding us just how harrowing our past breakups were.

Although the lyrics are partly morose, having the ability to remind anyone of any fallen relationship they may have faced, the song itself mixes in heartache with an added layer of a catchy melody, making it the perfect song to rediscover oneself and overcome such desolation. The staggering music video also adds another layer of skillful artwork to the song, how swiftly and effortlessly the singer motions her body, not just to the rhythm of the song, but with every efficacious lyric. I marvel at her inherent talent to move with such expression and emphasis– her emotions depicted throughout her expression and her emotive body. I couldn’t help but notice the way the mood changed once the singer mentioned her journey to recovering from her heartbreak, hinting at her triumph with the blend of trumpets that mingled in with the tune of the melodious guitar that once decorated the song with a crestfallen tune, mingling in with Laura’s exasperated, yet innately masterful singing voice. After listening to the song, I realized just how much I resonated with such an empowering message like the journey that follows a healed heartbreak. Such a debacle can be scarring, but in the end, I felt so empowered that I was able to crawl out of such pessimism. I was able to free myself from my despair, rejecting the morose colors that threatened to monopolize my life. Heartbreak allowed me to grow and find myself after losing myself in such a committed relationship where I tend to forget about myself and my own needs.

Laura Rizzotto, the woman behind such an emotionally delicate song, is an award-winning singer and songwriter. Laura is a proudly Brazilian/Latvin singer and an evidently trained dancer who has worked professionally on music for more than ten years. She began her music career in the year 2010– when her inborn talents would take her to soaring heights. She has shared the stage with a plethora of musically talented artists like Demi Lovato, Natiruts, Rosanne Cash, and many more! In 2018, Laura made an appearance as part of her Latvin community in the Eurovision Song Contest where she performed her song “Funny Girl” where nearly 200 million viewers tuned in! Laura continues to work on new projects, busying herself with her songs where she sings in numerous languages. Her hard work to build herself a name is undeniable, and her talents are remarkable. Continue to support Laura by following her journey as a singer, and songwriter!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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