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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Take A Minute" - Chris Noah

“Take A Minute” offers that minute, that moment, to contemplate emotions. It’s the honest story of being dishonest with yourself concerning romantic relationships. Though he openly describes the love he holds for this person, it comes with a fear of this intimacy. It’s a refreshing love story that still doesn’t fail to recognize the modern day implications of one. “Take A Minute” feels like a fairy tale prince offering a talking stage. Chris Noah manages to evoke this strange combination through the strength of his emotion, the open way in which he describes it, and the logical way in which he addresses it. To wait this minute, to take a second to catch your breath, it doesn’t make a difference in his feelings and yet it is seemingly required. He explores the illusion of diluted passion found in relationships today by delving into his own passion and making the listener feel it, as well as understand why he thinks he can’t.

The song begins with a catchy, organic, guitar. You don’t even notice how low, how dense, these notes are until they seem to fall away into Chris’ light and refreshing voice. The music follows him, quieting and creating a more peaceful harmony behind his singing. His lyrics flow poetically, offering seemingly incohesive imagery that still fits together perfectly. He moves away from this introduction and begins to describe his subject with the summarizing statement of “I don’t want to sound obsessed, if the world’s about to end why am I holding my breath?”. This method of describing his situation is consistent throughout the song. He conflicts himself, his mind and his emotions debating constantly. This line is also featured in his chorus, which occurs a moment later. The music here is even more uplifting, his voice being the focal point of it in a background track layered over his standard singing. His descriptions of wanting to hold back mostly occur here, with the moments in between being full of nothing but adoration for whom he sings to. The song ends with another rendition of the chorus but now, it seems to be interrupted, as if his “minute” is up.

Chris Noah is a Riga based artist who was born to a musical family, a singing instructor mother and a musician father. His self-released singles “Fall Through” and “River”, made predictably early on in his life, created his immediate rise to fame. Since these releases his popularity has grown more and more, especially in Latvia where his single “You” became one of the most played songs of the year in 2017. His first EP was nominated for best debut at the Latvian Music Awards and his most recent for Pop Album of the Year at the Latvian Music recording awards. A song from this recent EP “Sunboy” achieved a similar nomination at the same awards, that is for song of the year. “Take A Minute” , his latest release, is on its way to similar success and further, stream it and follow Chris Noah below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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