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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Talkin' to You" - Carson Ferris

There are few things that are more frightening than rejection. Carson Ferris’ “Talkin’ to You” perfectly captures the fear that follows you when you’re about to take the plunge to talk to the person you like. Hooky beats and excellently themed lyrics, Ferris’ title track of his latest EP hits the nail on the head in its relatability. You’ll be instantly reminded of all the times you’ve tried to muster up the courage to make a move, completely enamored and terrified by what may happen the moment you open your mouth. The ghostly motifs and wicked tune of “Talkin’ to You” will have you playing it on repeat until you’ve finally forced yourself to say something– anything– to that one person you’ve been thinking about.

“Talkin’ to You” begins slow and gradual– the song climbs as the runtime continues, eventually culminating in the chorus, hitting hard with its synth. The instrumentals throughout the song keep this vibe going, too; the synth is consistent, and the strings help in building tension within the soundscape. It’s got that classic pop-rock sound, with calmer verses and a blowout, upbeat chorus. The lyrics, though, are what truly make this song: super clever, “Talkin’ to You” weaves haunting themes with the equally scary prospect of talking to someone of your affections. I love each little mention of ghosts, like your crush being called “the ghost in [your] head” that is able to “see right through [you].” Using ghosts and nightmares to represent that ever-present fear from approaching someone you like is brilliant, and every threaded motif in “Talkin’ to You” stands as a beacon of superb songwriting.

American pop singer-songwriter Carson Ferris is a total musical powerhouse. Fun and upbeat, Ferris’ music takes on the form of archetypal, classic pop with a rock twist. His debut single “Can’t Be Without You,” in collaboration with Trinidad Cardona, released in 2021, and has garnered over 250,000 plays on Spotify. Likewise, his second 2021 single “Favorite Time of Year” has nearly 400,000 plays as well. 2022 marked the year that Ferris played Fork Fest, which was headlined by Ritt Momney, and Buzzards and Bees, headlined by Book On Tape Worm. “Talkin’ to You” is his latest release and is the title track of the aforementioned EP. There’s tons more to come for Carson Ferris, who already has over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, so stream “Talkin’ to You” while we patiently await his next project!

Written By Alexa Leung



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