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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Teenage Doubts" - SOZI

SOZI’s infectious new track ignites feelings of nostalgia and gratitude in her latest single, “Teenage Doubts”. The song is an ode to her younger self, thinking back to the self-doubts and anxiety she felt in the past. She recalls the negative thoughts that used to run through her head, and she wishes she could go back and ease her troubled mind. If she could turn back time, these lyrics are the words she wishes she knew as a teenager. In the chorus she sings, “If I knew then what I know now// She wouldn′t stress about having it all figured out// She'd keep her mind up in the clouds// No more teenage doubts.” She now knows that everything has worked out for her, and her dreams are coming true. Her younger self just needed to be patient, and understand that life has a lot to offer. SOZI hopes this song encourages these same thoughts and feelings in the listener, and reminds them to be kinder to themselves.

“Teenage Doubts” is not only unique in the lyrics, but also through the outstanding production. She begins the track with two guitars, one playing the higher melody and the other playing the lower end of the scale. She is uniquely playing the chords on the piano, while the guitar plays the riff. Once the song hits the chorus, the synth production takes full control of the song, leading the listener through the melody. As the song returns to the verse, the instrument-led production returns as well. In the pre-chorus, the instruments slowly transition into the synth melody, allowing for it to erupt into the chorus. In the bridge, the production mutes and keeps only the steady beat, emphasizing the lyrics. Overall, the track is a high-energy anthem that empowers listeners to believe in themselves.

SOZI is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles. At age seven, she began classical training in piano and started songwriting at the age of ten. She released her debut single, “Drinking for Two”, in December 2019. After a short hiatus, she returned in August 2022 for her highly anticipated follow up single, “Summer Views”. Despite “Teenage Doubts” being only her third release, SOZI has made quite a wave in the music industry. She has performed in several legendary venues, such as The Viper Room, The Hotel Cafe, and Bar 20.

Written By Karlee Smith



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