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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "That Girl" - Nicole Franco

Nicole Franco That Girl Cover Art

Sometimes our perception of others can stretch into outlandish delusions that may leave us smitten and overjoyed by the feeling of a possible love. We fall in love with the perception of love, seeing ourselves with this person in a charming and harmonious relationship, and ultimately falling for this person through the nonsensical scenarios we create in our heads, making us feel the sentiments that aren’t supposed to be there. Making us feel emotions that feel like love, emotions that feel like we couldn’t imagine ourselves with any other person, entirely falling in love with the idea of this person. However, these emotions are denigrated once we’ve learned that all these sweet emotions were pure delusion, learning that this person was already loved by another. It’s a betrayal like no other– betraying ourselves– by our delusions that made us fall for this person, only to be left in a puddle of hurt and disappointment. “That Girl” by Nicole Franco is a song about a similar situation– one where our artist describes a situation of being left with sad and forlorn feelings after falling for a person who already is in a relationship. Nicole begins to doubt her feelings, swearing that there truly was a spark that was alive and burgeoning. And yet, she was left in utter heartbreak to learn that this person was already loved by another.

The first keys of the resounding piano and subtle violin are what pull us in first, followed by the honeyed voice of our artist, Nicole, beginning to float throughout our body, reeling us in a mere few seconds. The melancholic sound sets the stage, perfuming us with a taste of a looming heartache, the doleful voice of Nicole pulling at our hearts, manipulating us to feel the woeful sentiments that heartbreak conveys, her singing voice pulled from the depths of her soul, adding emphasis and meaning to the distressing lyrics. I found myself especially well acquainted with the lyrics– singing me a piece that I’ve already experienced in the form of a song, resonating deeply with the former emotions I had felt. The delusions I had found myself in, just as Nicole had described, swearing by the mutual interest in one another, swearing by the emotions that felt so real, and so convincing. However, I was only led to disappointment when I found out this person was already loved– just as the song and lyrics have depicted.

Nicole Franco, the talented artist behind such a woeful song, is a singer and songwriter based in Long Island New York, resonating most with genres like pop, rock, and soft rock. Nicole was originally from Flordia, moving out to New York, only to be sidetracked by the pandemic that occurred in 2020. After, Nicole found herself back in Flordia, spending most of her time writing music about her struggles with her mental health, the heartbreak she faced, and any issues she had encountered throughout her life. Two years later, Nicole decided she would report back to New York, the passion she had never ebbed, still having hopes and dreams of pursuing her wishes to become a singer. Nicole currently has three singles, one being “That Girl”, another titled “Because of You” and another called “History”. As Nicole continues to write songs and pursue her desire to be a singer, she hopes that she can garner listeners who relate to her songs to make sure they know they are not alone in this world of bedlam. I can’t wait to hear more of what Nicole has to offer and sing about! I will continue to look forward to her future releases. Follow her socials to stay updated with her life as a talented and young artist! 

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez


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