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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "That's my Bitch" - Ceara Cavalieri

Ciara Cavalieri just released her new and empowering single “That’s my Bitch.” This song is an anthem about finding independence after being trapped in a toxic relationship. Ciara personally wrote this song about her best friend. She sings about how proud she was when that friend started healing and moving on.  I’ve witnessed people in my life get lost in love, especially when it isn’t good for them. There is something so exciting about seeing your friends pick themselves up from the pieces they were left in by another. “That’s my Bitch,” is upbeat pop punk song that brings all the edgy, uplifting energy.

My favorite line throughout the entire song is “don’t need no man or attention.” It’s a blunt reminder to everyone that we don’t need validation from anyone but ourselves. Self love and respect is so incredibly important because with that comes peace within ourselves. Ciara is the friend everyone should have. Celebrating the wins and being supportive through the loss. There is no better feeling than watching your friends thrive. “Sad girl era is over” is something to root for.

Ciara Cavalieri is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychology and uses music to relate to her audience. She understands how powerful emotions can be and every song is a reminder that you aren’t alone. “That’s my Bitch” is the perfect song to scream with your friends and it came out just in time for summer. She brought edge and attitude with the punk vocals and guitar textures. Her discography is growing and she is currently on tour with Leah Kate. Follow all her socials linked down below to follow her exciting career.

Written By Emylee Herring



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