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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "The Best View In Liverpool" - BANNERS

“The Best View In Liverpool” is BANNERS’ latest release to cap off a year full of fantastic songs. Like the orange-red hue of the cover, “The Best View In Liverpool” is a slow-growing anthemic tune with a gradual increase in passion and power as the track continues on. It has that soaring yet soft vibe that makes you feel as if in Liverpool, watching the city lights as the sun sets. With a gentle piano and swelling vocals, “The Best View In Liverpool” is a dedication to BANNERS’ home, replete with a threading love story, where the best view in the city is with someone you care about.

The song begins with a soft introduction of piano keys, twinkling against BANNERS’ vocals; as the track continues, the piano grows until the song’s zenith, but by then the rest of the instrumentals have joined in to create a crescendo of sound. Although, I think my favorite component of the song is its writing– specifically in the bridge, as the instrumentals slowly become stronger while BANNERS’ vocals mingle with its intensity. “This is my home/This is my heart,” he sings, and that’s when you realize that “The Best View In Liverpool” is a twining story of love and dedication; it isn’t the sights or familiar street corners that make a city a city, but the people you have experienced it with. It’s a lovely message wrapped in a song with a beautiful soundscape, colored like sunsets and rolling waves. The song is unendingly romantic, a dedication to both those you love and the place where that love was cultivated.

Michael Nelson, AKA BANNERS, is a singer-songwriter based in Liverpool, whose musical career began when he was seven, just starting his “musical apprenticeship”. During a chance trip with his producer father to a studio in Toronto, his life was changed forever there on out. Eventually, one of his demo CDs made its way to Stephen Kozmeniuk, a Grammy-nominated producer. “Shine a Light” was his debut single under the name BANNERS and was an instant success– to this day, it has over 60 million streams on Spotify. He’s been invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, has become a household name throughout North America, and has had his single “Someone To You” go viral on TikTok with over 1.5 billion streams. “The Best View In Liverpool” is BANNERS’ latest single and is another exemplary addition to his year’s releases.

Written By Alexa Leung



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