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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "the Blue" - TAYLR

A simple acoustic guitar chord can go a long way, and for some songs, it is all that is needed to aid the talented storytelling accompanying it. This is beyond true for TAYLR’s new release, ‘the Blue’. The song begins quietly, with the heartbreaking lyric, “I used to think the cells in my body would sink / as all of my love overflowed and I wondered / ‘were we ever meant to be?’” This idea of lost love and attempts to find yourself weave throughout the song, and pair with TAYLR’s clear and expressive voice to take an artistic approach to depicting the heartbreaking end of a relationship. Dubbed ‘the thinking person’s songwriter’ on Spotify, it is clear that TAYLR’s music is unadulterated thoughts with a musicality woven through to drive home their heartbreaking lyrics.

TAYLR’s TikTok reveals that they wrote the song in hopes to reach “anyone who’s ever fallen out of love so hard that they fell into themselves' ”, and it seems to have done just that. The bridge begins quiet, with simply a repeating guitar chord and the phrase “Find my way back home”. Slowly, ambiance is added and the singing becomes more intense as the phrase continues to loop. This then grows in a swell that is almost cinematic - you can almost see TAYLR finding themself in the rubble of the relationship, turning the love they once shared into a love that is brought back into themselves. However, as independent as they can be, the song ends with TAYLR wondering if they will be able to see them one last time while wandering the streets they used to walk together. This is a true representation of healing from a relationship gone wrong. You can be completely healed and better off this way, and a small piece of you will still look for them in every place they once were.

TAYLR is a singer-songwriter based in Calgary who only has three singles released on Spotify, but has quickly accumulated almost 1000 monthly streams. Each of these three singles are full of TAYLR’s clear voice and raw guitar acoustics, demonstrating a recurring style and immense talent for story-telling. Their Instagram (@officialtaylr) is scattered with handwritten notes, voice memos, and performance photos, emitting a vibe that correlates to their singles: purely human. They recently performed twice at Toronto’s North by Northeast Festival, and before that started a series called “Tea Time with TAYLR” at the Residence Inn in downtown Calgary, where they sat and played music with other artists, and simply connected with fans. Make sure to follow along with TAYLR’s through their social media below, and stay tuned for more heart wrenching tunes.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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