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  • George McSherry

Review: "The Gallows" - Emmrose

The understated production of this new Emmrose track, "The Gallows", allows the precision of the core elements to craft an intimacy in the sonic space. The vibe exists at the intriguing intersection of haunting and uplifting, letting you indulge in your paranoia-adjacent sorrows, regrets, and self-doubts all with a cheeky little smile on your face.

Ambient footsteps set the scene on Park Avenue, NYC as organ-inspired keyboard chords define the path for Emmrose's emotionally tightened lead vocals, slightly-strained and hazy, reminiscent of some tracks by Oh Wonder. Pulsed acoustic guitar and muted bass bring us into the song's refreshing chorus, enriched with the textures of rich, layered, gospel hums that intertwine like ivy over the track's floral frame for a satisfying, cool blue/grey depth.

Though aged just seventeen, Manhattan native Emmrose displays a maturity and finesse in her music that she has honed fastidiously since her journey began almost a decade ago with her defining encounter with a solitary piano at Sunday School. Having started recording music aged fourteen, Emmrose is currently under the management umbrella of Secret Road, releasing a steady stream of infectious indie pop-rock to the delight of her diverse, international fanbase.

Written By George McSherry



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