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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "The Lost Ones" - Florrie

“The Lost Ones” is an anthem of sorts, not just for the under dogs, but, for everyone. Even the person who seems to have it all goes through hard times in life, times of feeling lost, defeated, hopeless. Florrie took that feeling and turned it into words of encouragement and of resilience. As Florrie stated on her social media, about six years ago she was dropped from her record label and, apparently, told to quit music. Now, as Florrie also states, she is set to release her debut album this year. So, this song is, indeed, an anthem, not just for her, but for everyone. It’s a call to never forget your dreams, and, to always create more of them. Although we may appear “lost”, we could be right where we’re meant to be.

“We’re the lost ones, yeah, it’s a jungle, yeah.” Florrie sings in this upbeat gem of a song. Although one can certainly get lost in the jungle, they can also be found. Florrie notes in the song that, although we get “lost” and listen to the noise sometimes in life, hope is always readily available. I find it worth duly noting that Florrie uses loads of “we” statements, to invoke a sense of belonging with everyone. All throughout the song we get both sides of life, positive and negative, pessimistic and optimistic, obstacles and solutions. “We’re broken, yeah, but we’re hopeful, yeah.” The words immediately followed by the resolve felt throughout the song. She continues “When the best wasn’t good enough, we kept moving on.” I’m sure we’re all fully aware of the crushing defeat felt when your best isn’t good enough. However, just like earlier, we get the immediate follow up sprinkled with hope with “We kept moving on.” Just because it looks hopeless, doesn’t mean that it actually is. “We’re the lost ones, it’s a jungle, our thorns are buried deep, but we see beauty in our dreams.” Our dreams are our fuel to continue in life, when our “thorns” seem to be buried deep. Florrie makes the beautiful point of – Never lose hope. Thank you, Florrie, for this fierce reminder.  

Florrie, whose name is no doubt derived from her birth name, Florence, is a 35-year-old drummer, model, singer, and songwriter. So, more than likely, yes that’s her killing it on the drums in “The Lost Ones”. Florrie has been playing instruments, writing songs for others acts while singing both in bands and solo for many years now. She currently has 190,000 followers on Facebook, 135,000 followers on Instagram, over 104,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, over 191,000 followers on Tik Tok, as well as 135,000 subscribers on YouTube. She will be going on tour beginning this May and recently announced that her debut album, also titled “The Lost Ones” will be released on June 14th of this year. We wish her the best and look forward to seeing where her journey leads her. Stream the single “The Lost Ones” and pre-save the album of the same name from her socials below!  

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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