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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Thinking Of You" - Josefine Landelius

“Thinking Of You” is Josefine Landelius’ latest release, a piece that takes the listener back not only to memories of classic heartbreak hits, but on a more personal level, to relationships and feelings of the past.  This is her personal letter to someone she could never say these lyrics to, the words really behind “I miss you”.  Landelius offers not only her own emotions regarding her past relationship and the state of craving it, but also the nostalgia that revokes such emotions.  She perfectly balances focus between the intimate confession of her current state and the storytelling of what brought her here.

She begins the song by telling of the relationship without regard to its end, leaving the listener to only find this out later in her emotional reaction to these memories.  The piece holds a vaguely upbeat tone, maintaining its rhythm to be an enjoyable listen, but not venturing far from its openly melancholic roots in the lyrics.  Landelius holds the same skill as a vocalist, her voice is sensationally pop but her pacing and tone allow for the words sung with it to be taken to heart.  Her talent here allows for the song to seamlessly blend instrumentals without ever covering the focus of it, her.  Percussion steadies the beat while the music seems to become one with her voice and follow the lead of her stunning vocals.

Josefine Landelius has always wanted to do what she does today, fantasizing of being a singer since she was young.  She’s based in Sweden where, at 22, she decided to follow through on her childhood dreams and pursue the path in an impactful way.  She began studying at Musikmakarna in the Songwriters Academy of Sweden, growing every day in her skill as a songwriter and perfecting her abilities.  Josefine spent years learning and writing and hoping and in 2018, she released her first single: “Home”.  She’s been releasing music consistently since and has garnered over 400,000 streams worldwide.  Find these songs as well as more information on Josefine below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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