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  • Megan Cao

Review: "This Party Is A War Zone" - Gloomy June

“This Party is A War Zone” is an upbeat twirl-around-your-living-room pop-rock song about enjoying fleeting moments in the present. Written in mid-2021 as music venues were beginning to open up again, Gloomy June speaks about the air of desperation at these shows, a feeling of celebratory and chaotic. This subsequent song is about partying like your life depends on it, but also with an underlying understanding that partying can’t last forever, but, enjoy it while you can.

Lead singer Alexi Belchere’s infectious energy that she brings to the hook really draws in the audience right from the get-go. Gloomy June balances between letting her voice and guitarist Devin Nelson in the spotlight. Though this song is high-energy, it also turns melancholy for a moment, giving a range of emotion and sound to showcase. This song is an ode to the joy of venues coming back, but also a reminder that any concert venue could shut down for a number of reasons, so enjoy this night out while you can.

Beginning out as The Y Axis, the band finally decided to change their name to Gloomy June, named after the cold fog that grips San Francisco during the early summer known as “June Gloom”. Like the fog, Gloomy June’s music is perfect for a night out but with a tinge of tragedy. Their upcoming EP Popsick is their first release under Gloomy June, and it’ll explore social woes with almost a nostalgic tone.

Written By Megan Cao



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