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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Til The Day I Die" - Sion J

“Til The Day I Die” is  an honest and heartfelt love letter.  The piece is Sion J’s latest release, it offers a look into his heart and mind as he lies out the only future he can see, that is, a future with the person he loves.  Though his sentiments are seemingly offered as merely expressions, “I’ll love you til the day I die” the title line for instance occasionally being used as simply a phrase to express the strength of emotion in the moment, it's clear this isn’t how he intends it. It’s rare someone genuinely means this, but in lying out their lives step by step, he proves he means every word.  This is a song needed in today’s world, and though Sion J might be the last believer in true love, he paints it inspirationally enough for everyone to fall head over heels into the romance he portrays.  

The piece begins with a raw strumming of an acoustic guitar, making it feel as if the listener is the only one who can hear it, like he’s playing this song directly to someone.  His lyrics begin with a period of praise and devotion to the one he sings to, he’s not writing a song about how much he adores being in love, he’s writing a song about how much he adores his love.  More advanced instrumentals begin to join in like a heartbeat behind the captivating guitar and voice.  He tells the story of his relationship, stretching from the past to a future that hasn’t even come yet.  Breaking it only for a chorus that feels nothing short of from the soul, in which he restates “I will love you til the day I die”.  The story he tells isn’t perfect, but even the painful moments of it seem beautiful with his impressively skillful vocality, range, and writing.  

Sion J was born in Hemel Hempstead where he began trying his abilities in music at a very young age.  He’s always been influenced by an array of music, crossing the bounds of genre and tone which is evident in his own exploration of creativity.  He began playing his music for the public in the form of busking across the U.K., determined to improve his skills as a musician and a performer.  His songs come from the heart, as seen so profoundly in “Til The Day I Die”, and yet no matter how intimate they are, his goal is always to share them as far as he can.  Every day he gets closer to this, now with over 5k listeners on Spotify and over 32k followers on TikTok.  Follow these accounts below to stay updated.

Written By Hailey Schap



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