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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Time After Time" - Pascal Letoublon x ILIRA

Pascal Letoublon takes his charming production tactics and collaborates with powerhouse singer/songwriter, ILIRA, on their newest dance-pop single “Time After Time.” The result is a club anthem, filled with lyrical promises to be there for someone when they need them the most. Melodious, yet intense, the song is like butter; smooth and flavorful with a hint of sweetness. Rolling off the tongue, ILIRA’s lyrics melt the heart through their depth about longing to be a loyal friend and lover—her voice being just as devoted to the passion of the track as the lyrics. Pascal Letoublon adds flavor to the mix by doing what he does best: elevating the message of the song with his spellbinding production. “Time After Time” is EDM magic at its finest, with the constant buildup of the layered instrumental track and captivating vocals—picking the song’s story up and making it danceable.

Beginning with the heart of the song, ILIRA sings the chorus, instantly capturing the audience’s attention from the first word, “When your head and heart are saying no/ Be there to hold you through the night/ I’ll be there by your side/ Time after time.” Loyal devotion and a glass half full optimism gives the single a soft edge, despite its amplified instrumentation. The lyrics and music work together to create a heartfelt track, pumping energetic waves throughout the veins of the song while upholding a magnetic beat that keeps its listener’s attention intact. Brimming with punchy beats and stimulating electronica chords, “Time After Time” has the charisma to enchant those most fortunate to listen.

Born in Eastern France, Pascal Letoublon is a musical producer, best known for his viral hit single, “Friendships.” This song won him 75 million views on YouTube, 40 million streams and a spot in the Shazam Global charts for almost two years. Since signing with Universal in 2019, Pascal has taken time to meticulously craft his sound and has done so with newest releases such as, “Fall in Love” and of course, “Time After Time.” With his skyrocketed fame, Pascal Letoublon is the golden boy of dance music and has a brilliant future ahead of him. His “Time After Time” collaborator, Ilira Gashi, known for her stage name ILIRA, is also a glamorous singer/songwriter born and raised in Switzerland, now based out of Berlin, Germany. Introducing herself into the music world, ILIRA and her band, The Colors, competed in a pre-selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Their song came in 3rd place, encouraging ILIRA to move to Germany where she signed a publishing deal with Sony. From there, she signed a label deal with Four Music in 2018, releasing her debut track “Whisper My Name,” which included two charting singles. Over the years, she has continued releasing hits, including her new collaboration with Pascal Letoublon, proving she is an artist worth keeping on your radar.

Written By Amanda Palacios




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