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  • George McSherry

Review: "Time" - Alessia Selini

Alessia Selini's sophomore single, "Time", paints a story all too familiar for those who know how it feels to be lost in this world. Time keeps moving but you feel like you're standing still. The whole world around you continues to move on with their lives, and you're just suck. You find yourself wishing time would just stop, or at least slow down, to give you time to catch up to where you want to be. Alessia sing's for us all who have felt this way at some point in our lives.

Stripped-back production plays a key role in allowing the core elements to shine on center stage. The emotional balladry presents itself fervently through a curated blend of powerful vocals and a crisp piano framework. The crescendo into the chorus sees the instrumentation bolstered by muted bass and percussion that work together to add a rich, satisfying depth. Alessia shows off her vocal range as she slides smoothly from a comforting croon to a pitched-up warble that will have you feeling her every emotion.

Alessia Selini is an independent singer-songwriter based in Italy who found her start in music by playing with an acoustic band and uploading her solo work on covers and originals to YouTube. She released her debut single "Happy Place" in May earlier this year, and has strengthened her reputation as a purveyor of soulful minimalism with the release of her sophomore single, "Time". Alessia can often be found working in her home studio, growing her fanbase by streaming performance sessions on Twitch.

Written By George McSherry and Kaitlyn Nicole



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