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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "To The Ceiling" - VXXK

This past February, the musical act VXXK released their debut single, "To The Ceiling." The track, in collaboration with vocalist Bailey Jehl, is an EDM banger destined for partygoers everywhere. "To The Ceiling" features a thumping beat and melodic hook that perfectly blends dream-pop and electronic house music. With its high-tempo groove and wavy synths, VXXK creates a palpable feel-good energy. Simply put, the song is a vibe. Whether at a nightclub, music festival, or just jumping around in your room, "To The Ceiling" is an earworm too catchy not to pump your fist to. It's a fun summer jam through and through.

"To The Ceiling" is the definition of an EDM anthem. The song sounds massive with dynamic vocal and instrumental passages. "To The Ceiling" is a fitting title---because VXXK reaches exhilarating musical heights with this new single. The track is a gradual build; it climbs before it soars. The first line, "This feeling's taking me over," is quietly crooned by Bailey Jehl over hazy synth lines. The jittering beat slowly comes in before the explosive chorus, where Jehl sings the titular line, the beat drops, and the song comes to life. VXXK are sharp techno producers. Every decision within the song makes it for the better. Bailey Jehl's stunning, soft vocals complement the roaring, lively instrumental. There are small sonic details within nearly every moment of the song to listen out for. And, like all the best classic EDM tracks, "To The Ceiling" accomplishes its most important job to a tee: it is a perfect song to dance to. 

VXXK, like many iconic electronic artists like Daft Punk or Deadmau5, keeps a more private profile. That is, purely from the standpoint of appearances. Within the music industry, on the other hand, VXXK has already made a big splash. From working with artists like Naomi Wild, Sara Sangfelt, and Richie Loop, to being supported by names like Henry Fong and DVRKO, VXXK is already a significant name within the EDM genre---and they are only growing bigger. With only "To The Ceiling" released under the VXXK name, the artist has already accumulated over 10,000 streams and 3690 monthly listeners. On YouTube, the music video has over 4000 views and counting. VXXK is an exciting new musical endeavor with upcoming releases to watch out for, and you can listen to "To The Ceiling" on all music streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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