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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Too Much" - ALIKA

Estonia’s Eurovision representative, ALIKA, is showcasing her true versatility and strength as an artist with her new single “Too Much”. Contrasting her previous works, “Too Much” is a much happier and more carefree song, with an overarching message of not being afraid of doing what you want to do. In the first verse, ALIKA talks about how people are bringing her down with untrue words. But, she has drive and she wants to make it to the top, and she won’t stop until her success is real. Then in the pre-chorus, she goes on to say that people tell her she’s not good enough. However, ALIKA realizes that she’s worked too hard for her success for it to be brushed off as luck, and she concludes that she’s “a bit too much”. In the next verse, ALIKA talks about some hard truths. She says that people lie and think they’re right, and they’re unaware that “rules don't apply when you're high and you're never coming down”. She closes off the song with the bridge, asking if people have ever been in her place of success where people are telling you stories to convince you to not go after your dreams. In the choruses of the song, she utilizes the non-lexical vocable “na” to balance the darker lyrics.

The sound in “Too Much” is quite different from ALIKA’s previous works. It uses a stripped acoustic guitar in the verses alongside various rhythmic claps. But then in the chorus, the sound is much more filled by the many voices singing along with the melody. Her vocals have a very punchy presence, which pairs perfectly with the vibe of the lyrics. In interviews, ALIKA has expressed her love for rock music, and this is a perfect example of her rock influences trickling into her music. Many Estonian listeners are used to hearing ALIKA’s powerhouse vocals, and this song takes a step back from her usual style with less challenging melodies. It is a fresh new sound, and she doesn’t need to showcase her breathtaking vocals to make the music great.

20-year-old ALIKA, whose full name is Alika Milova, got her first break by winning Estonia’s version of Idol entitled Eesti otsib superstaari in 2021. ALIKA, however, is no stranger to singing contests, participating in the Baltic Voice, New Wave Junior, Kaunas Talent, and Bravo Song Contest, among others. Her first three singles Õnnenumber, Bon Appetit, and C’est La Vie all reached the top of Estonian radio charts. Most famously, ALIKA participated in Eurovision, an international song competition in Europe, which is organized every year by the European Broadcasting Union. ALIKA came in eighth place in this year’s Eurovision competition, which was the highest Estonia had placed since 2018.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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