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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Trees" - Laura Holliday

“Trees” explores the complex lessons that can be learned from being on a health recovery journey. Your journey is still long, but you finally feel as though you are on the ride. But the road is twisted and unfamiliar. There is a particular path you gravitate towards but life’s complexities prevent you from embarking on that safe and linear path. Your healing journey is like a complicated and unnerving forest. Part of the long walk, however, is discovering that you can not wholly commit to what you imagined should happen. In some major part, you must relinquish control to the journey itself. Relinquishing control will allow you to discover new feelings and situations. These discoveries are not all good or ideal, rather neutral to allow you to see another way of life out of the difficult life you have led. While you have been knocked off the path you formerly chose and are subject to the new woods, you are now at peace with them despite the unfamiliarity.

“Trees” is an alt pop and pop rock single that embraces calming feelings and tones to accompany the. The instrumentation uses familiar and welcome indie pop beats and shimmery additions. High pitched bell chimes and the calming guitar riffs are reminiscent of past and present indie anthems. The vocals throughout serve as a silky sweet base for everything else to compliment. They remain consistent throughout until the bridge, when the addition of more harmonies intertwine with the ever growing narrative from the lyrics. The ambience presence of the instrumentation also reverberates throughout. These sweetly nostalgic elements make it easy to imagine walking through a forest and swaying among the trees.

Laura Holliday is a singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her primary career is through her short films and sketches. She received her BFA in film production from the Art Center College of Design. She has written and directed sketches and other content for Comedy Central Digital and Funny or Die. She pushes for a more equitable and inclusive industry, especially for industry creatives with chronically ill and disabled creatives. Her career expands into music, and she has released a number of singles in the past few years. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Trees” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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