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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Triggers" - Aquafox

Everyone has internal battles that they struggle with. Some battle for a short amount of time, while others find themselves in a constant war that seems both irrevocable and everlasting. When they can’t seem to dig themselves out of the perilous and hollow pit of suffering. When even the help others offer doesn’t seem to mollify the inner battles people face. It’s so easy to stumble into hopeless thoughts– the thoughts that constantly assail us with pessimism and negativity. However, we must remember that even just trying to recover from such delicate emotions is good enough and enough to prove that, despite the negativity, our endeavors will prevail. ‘Triggers’ by Aquafox is a song that describes a similar emotion in the form of a melodious tune. In the song, our artist sings about her fight with addiction and depression, expressing how vicious the cycle of hopelessness becomes. Yet, the singer recognizes her willingness to try and rescue herself regardless of the misery she may feel.

A sound that resembles something almost optimistic, however, when the lyrics are ultimately digested, listeners are amazed to learn that such an upbeat song holds lyrics that speak the emotions of someone's silent cries. Although the song has deep meaning, Aquafox has managed to create a sound that is not only raw but also something that can mask in with other songs that listeners can enjoy when they desire a lively sound. To find out that this song carried such vehement lyrics, I couldn’t help but marvel. There aren’t many artists who can tell a story with such deep meaning whilst managing to keep such a buoyant emotion to the song. The lyrics carry meaning, and after I wrote them out for myself, I discovered just how incredibly remarkable the song is. Along with Aquafox and her innately masterful voice, the instruments she played and recorded so beautifully brought vitality to the story, adding a plethora of sentiment to the song.

Rachel Perry, or her artist name, Aquafox, is the talented artist behind the song ‘Triggers’. She is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from California, Orange County, resonating with genres like alternative rock, dance-pop, electropop, and indie rock! While it may seem like Rachel has just begun to spread her wings on her musical talents, she has been on the scene for quite some time! Signed under the agency WME at just 15 years old, expressing her love for music since she was a child! Aquafox released her debut single this year titled ‘Party Girl’, and has since released ‘Hurt You’ and ‘Triggers’. The hard work she puts into creating her songs is evident, and I truly cannot wait to hear more of her unique and expressive sound! Follow her socials to keep up with exciting new updates and any new music that may be released in the near future!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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