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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "trippin" - JAY II

It's easy for love to trip you up sometimes. Falling in love can have you feeling unsteady and maybe a bit uncertain. Jay II tackles feelings like these in their new single, "trippin." The chill track is about feeling unbalanced in love. Leaning into that meaning, "trippin" features lyrics like "Still you got me trippin on your wave/Strip me all away when I see your face/Losing nights and days/Before you go." The lyrics seem to suggest a loss of feeling grounded in a relationship, maybe losing a sense of self and time along the way. With this relatable message and an eclectic attention-catching sound, "trippin" is a fiery new addition to the alt-pop world.

"trippin" oozes a laid-back, moody energy that leaves you wanting more. Giving a hint of nostalgia, the track features a plucked string section and dark, 80s-inspired synths. Hailey J.'s sultry vocals steal the show, filling our ears with a sexy, seductive ambience. Around the time of the second chorus, "trippin" goes into chill overdrive as the pulsing synth line drops for the first time. Jay II showcases a mature, sophisticated electropop sound in this memorable single, intertwining the lyrics and synth-laden soundscape with unforgettable melodies. The sound this duo creates is on par with acts like BANKS, Massive Attack, and Tei Shi.

Jay II, pronounced "Jay the Second," is an impressive duo with an interesting background. The dynamic pair is comprised of singer, Hailey J., and producer, Jay Phoenix. Both have roots in the classical music world with Hailey J. having a background in opera and Jay Phoenix being a concert pianist and composer. They connected over their shared interests in the EDM/pop music world and their similar music training. Jay II is based in Los Angeles and is an up-and-coming act in the alt-pop scene. Some of their most popular releases include "Paradise Circus," "Worth It," "Please Don't Let Me," and "eleven eleven."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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