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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Tunnel Vision" - Alex Beck

This is going to be a little strange but hear me out: listen to music in a float tank. Before we get into why you should do this, let’s break down how this experience usually goes. Normally for the floating experience, most clinics, spas, and centers submerge you into the tank that’s filled with Epsom salt water in complete silence – only slowly fading music into the tank when you’re nearing the end of your experience. But as I’ve recently found out, this is a huge, missed opportunity to have an otherworldly musical experience. I convinced my float technician to let me listen to Alex Beck’s “Tunnel Vision” on loop while inside the tank. This single already makes a listener feel like they’re floating – to actually be floating while listening to it makes it a truly immersive experience that cannot be compared.

“Tunnel Vision” is an indie pop single with electronica elements that’s accompanied by Beck’s high-powered vocals to detail how fixated one can be when in love. The single opens with a coruscating dreaminess that’s elevated by spiraling synths that invokes the sensation of floating within a listener. Then the electric guitar establishes a simple tune that riffs to ground the euphoric sound before the listener is swept back into a trance with Beck’s expressive vocals. The first verse swells to an astounding chorus that blossoms to lend a voice to the sentiment of one tuning out everyday life to focus on the love standing before them. And to showcase how overwhelming (in a good way) this love can be, the single goes to great lengths to build the momentum to a point where it feels as though the listener is also draped and surrounded in the same love that’s being expressed.

Alex Beck is a Los Angeles native that began releasing music back in 2020. Growing up on classic rock and euphoric 80’s pop cultivated the unique blend of pop and electronica Beck’s listeners get to eagerly consume today. If you’re west coast bound, you can catch a live performance from the artist on June 14th. Beck will be singing her songs for Breaking Sound LA at Madame Siam; doors open for the show at 7:00 PM and tickets are on presale right now! Listeners must be 21 and older to get into the show, though. But that’s no problem because younger listeners and those faraway from Los Angeles can always send some virtual love by streaming Beck’s singles.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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