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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "tunnel vision" - dee holt

Dee Holt tunnel vision cover art photo

You know when you first lay eyes on someone and from that moment on, they're all you can ever think about? Whenever they're around, it's like no one else is in the room and you can't take your eyes off of them. Everyone and everything else is a total blur because you're just so heaven struck by this newfound crush and this exciting rush of feeling that they have given you. You find yourself blushing, hiding your face, twirling your hair and giggling like a child even when things aren't funny. It's also a bit embarrassing when you realize your body language might be making it a little too obvious about how you're feeling, and you're not quite sure if they feel the same yet. dee holt's new single, "tunnel vision" is a fun dark-pop jam about that person that leaves you starry-eyed and with butterflies in your stomach every time you come face to face.

"tunnel vision" takes a softer, gentle approach to a dark / alt. pop style and mixes it with what sounds to me like a reggaetón influenced beat and rhythm (produced by A.B. Eastwood). There's heavy emphasis on bass, percussion and synths, with RnB-esque harmonies to accompany dee holt's gorgeously smooth, airy pop-star voice. Co-Written with Nashville songwriter Brigetta, "tunnel vision" encompasses the extreme feelings that come with crushing on someone hard, not only with it's lyrics, but with it's dynamic flow and layers of vocals and production.

dee holt is a 20 year old indie / alternative pop artist from Montreal, Canada. dee has had a natural talent for music, singing since she was young and learning how to play guitar. After encouragement from her family, dee was able to record music as a graduation gift from her parents, leading her to officially begin releasing music, starting with her debut song "Hardest Part" in 2020. She went on to release break out single "Olivia" in 2021; This led to dee being discovered and added to official Spotify playlist, and being signed to Nettwerk Music Group in 2022. As of present, dee is planning on releasing her 3rd studio EP, "loving in the dark", which is set to release August 18th! dee has also been spending her Summer touring, so make sure to follow her below to see her upcoming shows.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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