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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Two Sparks" - Natalie Shay

Imagine that after many failed Tinder dates, you seem to have finally found your princess or prince charming. You have the same quirks, you listen to the same bands, and you hate the same foods. You almost feel as though you could finish each other’s sentences. This seems to be an ideal situation for everyone. Is it really a good thing? Can two people be too similar to the point where they’re not right for each other? The answer is unfortunately yes. Natalie Shay writes about it in her song, “Two Sparks.”

When I initially saw the title for this song, I thought it was going to view love in a positive light. After I listened to the song, I found that it was actually viewing love from a negative standpoint. With that, the analogy of “two sparks can’t make a flame” described a relationship perfectly. Two sparks can’t make a flame because they need a match to keep the fire going. Similarly, people who are too much alike do not have any contrast to balance out the relationship. As for the structure of the song, I liked the inflection in Shay’s voice of she sings. I thought that it was well-fitted with the instrumentation.

Twenty-one-year-old Natalie Shay was born and raised in North London. In 2019, she sold out two headline shows. Her growing popularity has landed her in notable publications such as Billboard. Additionally, her other single, “Yesterday,” has been on the Spotify New Music Friday playlist in nine countries. If you want to hear even more of Natalie Shay, her new EP, Naked, was released on April 17th!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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