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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "UGLY" - Natasha Hunt Lee

It’s a special kind of torture being a girl. Natasha Hunt Lee wants everyone to know this in her latest single “UGLY” which is all about the multiple viewpoints that women are consumed through. Within the spaces that they exist, they are sexualized, platonified, worshipped, and neglected; in what Lee describes as a “female hell square,” “UGLY” captures the struggle of what it means to float in the middle of these definitions. You’ll stare at yourself in the mirror and just want to break it, set her free, but somehow always be beholden to how other people picture you. “UGLY” is just that: being trapped, and feeling ugly because of it, even though you know you’re not.

“UGLY” begins with a chorus of hums as they slowly fade into Lee’s vibrant vocals. The song is fun and upbeat, with the chorus being my favorite part as the synth bobs up-and-down along with Lee’s beautifully swaying voice; there’s something about the way she sings with this electrifying voice that seems to spark the entire song with personality. She remains sprightly yet loathing, as it’s a pop song, but the lyrics are rather heavy and angry. As the chorus goes, “I’m stuck in the mirror,” which remains a repeating motif throughout the song; there’s a level of frustration that exists within "UGLY", emphasizing how confined women feel inside the neatly packed boxes that society has shoved them into. No matter how they’re consumed, and how it affects them, they’ll always be left with the feeling of being small, ugly, and trapped. It’s extremely commendable what Lee is revealing with her music in such an industry that is notorious for commodifying women– and with such a catchy song, too!

Natasha Hunt Lee is a rising singer-songwriter whose music is moody, personable, and super relatable. While she had always loved music as a child, that love became a real passion when she was attending New York University; now, that love for music has become her career. Her debut single released in 2021, entitled “Fancy Night,” and her debut album “The End of the World!” dropped in 2022. Lee’s music is a culmination of all things pop– energetic beats with poetic songwriting that connects people together. “UGLY” is her latest release– a perfect representation of what it feels like to be a woman in that terrible, horrible liminal space in between everyone’s point of view.

Written By Alexa Leung



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