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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Unraveling" - Linsey Urrea

When I initially saw the title for Linsey Urrea’s song, Unraveling,” I expected it to have a negative mood. In other words, the song would show her being upset and dealing with heavy emotions. However, when I actually listened to the song, I was delightfully surprised. When Urrea sings about the act of unraveling, it is a good thing. Her song is about new love. When she “unravels,” she is on cloud nine and bubbling with happiness. I think this song could even be taken out of its original context to be more relatable. That is, even if we don’t fall in love, we could be fortunate enough to experience times where life seems to be going perfectly right.

I enjoyed the overall sound of the song. One of the lines in the chorus goes, …” because you feel like a dream.” I can definitely hear the dreamy-ness in the instrumentation. I also think that Urrea has a very rich voice, and it only adds on to the dreamy mood. In regards to Urrea’s vocals, I liked how she held out notes on the chorus, particularly those on the end of a line. First, this strengthens her happy mood. Second, I think this aspect makes the song rather catchy. When a song it catchy, people will want to listen to it again and again.

Linsey Urrea was just 16 when she began writing songs for local bands in Southern California. In 2018, Urrea moved to Nashville, TN and became the lead singer for an Indie band called Goodie Bag. She experienced great success but wanted to dream even bigger. After singing with the band for three years, she left to pursue a solo career. Her other single, “More Fun,” is more upbeat than “Unraveling.” It also centers around the weightlessness of being in love!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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