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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Unsad" - Dani Stacy

Unsad by Dani Stacy

Dani Stacy released her new single “Unsad.” This song is an empowering self anthem about her learning to live and find happiness after a breakup. She brings a sassy edge enhancing the “I don’t care anymore” feeling. The track has a subtle folk vibe in a mix of strong pop. Dani has amazing vocals with a little bit of a rasp that itch the right part of your brain. “Unsad” is the positive post breakup song we all need to hear. It’s hard to find yourself again, but nothing feels better than when you do.

“Unsad” has catchy lyrics and melodies that have you wanting to jump around your living room and sing at the top of your lungs. Her message of self love leaves you feeling confident and resilient. Dani wrote, “You took the fun out of everything, I’m don’t living like that.” Celebrating independence is so necessary and she hit that point hard. We can’t search for love in others, we have to find it within ourselves. “Safe to say that I’m awesome yeah I’ve been blossoming” is a line I’ll be singing to myself in the mirror anytime I feel sad. Dani created the post break up song of the summer with this one.

Dani Stacy is a singer-songwriter from Hanford, California. From a young age she spent hours in her bedroom writing songs for only herself to hear until one day she decided she wanted to be heard. Dani practiced songwriting constantly and worked on performing to peruse a career in music. She was voted “Best Female Artist” in Ventura County and participated on season 25 of The Voice. Dani is an incredibly talented writer and you can hear the passion in every song. She created a vertical music video that is on her YouTube linked down below. Go checkout “Unsad” as well as Dani’s other music, she has plenty for you to listen to.

Written By Emylee Herring



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