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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Valley Girl" - EMME

EMME’s debut single “Valley Girl” is a rose tinted love letter to her childhood. Growing up in Los Angeles, while it may be a dream for many, didn't match her energy as she grew as a person. This song is an expression of the realization that she does not fit the stereotype of the City of Angels, aiming to bring a similar comfort to other that feel like an outsider.

The song begins with upbeat guitar melodies to carry the song along in an upbeat fashion. This melody continues throughout the song. Following these patterns, there is an upbeat feeling that is created within the song. One of the outstanding aspects of the song is the lyrical background and meanings. EMME does an excellent job of telling a story about growing up in the valley but not being a valley girl and not feeling like she can relate to the people there. While the guitar melodies continue in the background the lyrics add a deeper emotional aspect to the song. While the two may sound contradicting they create an excellent sense of harmony within the song.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, EMME is known for her pop melodies and storytelling through lyrics. Beginning her career with writing lyrics including Grace VandwerWaals “Hideaway” and Le Youths “About Us” which just amassed 13 millions streams. Now focused more on solo projects, “Valley Girl” is her debut single that is focused on exploring her personal perspectives on identity, love, and belonging.

Written By Gillian Mena



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