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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Vegas" - Johnny Orlando

“But if you’re willing, I’ll show you all my cards.” This is a love song that has many references to Vegas and gambling. Orlando is right in the sense that love is a gamble. There are so many factors that we have absolutely no control over (though we like to think that we do). But, the end goal, the thought of the big win, in this case, of finding love is so thrilling that we put ourselves through the process time and time again, remaining hopeful that we'll never call "bust". So, we subject ourselves to possible rejection in the hopes that we’ll receive acceptance and a once-in-a-lifetime and lifelong partnership, a built-in best friend and love all rolled into one. The build-up to the chorus lays out the foundation for the song. “I don’t want to freak you out.” is the first line of this song and for good reason. The subject matter is one of the most intense feelings we as humans face, love, and Johnny sings about “risking it all” and “betting on us”. So, he’s given this much thought, and he hopes that the other party has as well, but, just in case they haven’t, it begins with not wanting to alarm them. And, at the same time, wanting to let them know how he’s feeling and what the long run looks like for them.

The references just keep coming in this song, cleverly and strategically placed while Orlando dances on the track with his smooth vocals. The notion of "staying" as in the game of 21, where you don't get any more cards and hope your score is high enough; "Betting on us" as in wagering something significant -life, time, his heart - on their love and its power, stating that their “odds are ten – one", relationships fail all of the time. Orlando does, however, repeat the lines “But, if you’re willing, I’ll show you all my cards. Let’s just risk it all.” So, Orlando is so certain of their love that not only is he willing to bet on them, but, he invites his love to also join him in this gamble. After all, it truly does take two to tango. Aside from clever lyrics and Orlando’s enchanting vocals, we have the infectious melody that accompanies the stellar song that is “Vegas”. It’s not only easy and compelling to sing along to, it’s just a fun song that also touches on an important topic that everyone can relate to. Every relationship is a gamble, even if it seems “easy” and like it “just makes sense”, someone can always change their mind, love can fade. Love, a lot like life, is a box of chocolates. Honestly, even the boxes that are labelled are able to contain surprises, you just really truly never know what you’re going to get. And that in itself is a part of the thrill of the experience that is love.

John “Johnny” Orlando is a 21-year-old actor, singer and songwriter from Mississauga, Canada. His acting credits range from voice work on the children's shows such as "Super Why!" and "Wishenpoof" to countless music videos and the television series "Total Eclipse". He cites musical artist Justin Bieber as his biggest influence for pursuing a singing career. Johnny has been making his mark in the music industry, first garnering attention by posting covers of popular songs on his YouTube, then by releasing his long-awaited debut album “All The Things That Could Go Wrong” in 2022, and, most recently, releasing his EP “The Ride” in 2024. Orlando divided "The Ride" into three parts, before releasing the project in its entirety in February. He has been awarded the title of “Best Canadian Act” four times from 2018-2022 at the MTV Europe Music Awards and has amassed millions of followers across his social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube. If you're betting on Orlando's success and wish to see his journey, stream his latest project, "The Ride" including his single “Vegas” and follow him on his socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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