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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Vintage Love" - Amanda Palacios

“Vintage Love” explores the idea that valuable relationships can be worked on, cared for, and polished like prized vintage items. Problems plague your relationship and leave you wondering if there is anything left to salvage. Years of work have been poured into it despite the existing problems. However, as time goes on, you start to value the intricacies of the relationship itself. Care and love go into preserving items such as paintings, and those items can be cherished for years beyond its initial creation. There is more to relationships than just being in them and running at the slightest issue. To make something that is valuable work, precise care and preservation must be taken. If the relationship is meant to be, then careful consideration must be taken into account. Better days can exist and putting in the proper amount of careful work can make love a preservable art.

“Vintage Love” is a synthpop dance pop anthem whose energetic and uplifting mood perfectly reflects its hopeful narrative. The lyricism in this single showcases hopeful yet serious messaging about working on relationships. The narrator comes to the conclusion that love can be worked on as if it was a valuable vintage item, and this is of course a positive outlook on love. As this idea builds throughout the single, the instrumentation, vocals, and every element culminates into an upbeat tone and melody. Amanda Palacios delivers an equally cheerful and sickly sweet vocal performance. The structuring is reflective of the positive outlook we learn about along with the narrator. Every element blends together to truly highlight the upbeat tone and hopeful messaging.

Amanda Palacios is a singer-songwriter from California. Her musical interests were cultivated at a young age from her father’s encouragement. She learned piano for eleven years and incorporates her musical prowess into her own music. She has also had a lifelong passion for singing and performing. Throughout her years in school, she performed in many plays and even joined a girls group. In this girl group, she wrote and performed countless songs all throughout her town. She has shared her musical and writing talents through many ways, including writing for Pop Passion Blog. “Vintage Love” is her first single as a full-time artist and she hopes to create many more songs throughout her career. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Vintage Love” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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