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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Vision" - Ayoni

Ayoni’s latest EP, The Vision, is a sonic masterpiece that gives listeners exactly what they had hoped for. The album is filled with high-energy songs that stay lodged in the minds of listeners. The title track, “Vision”, is an infectious song that highlights Ayoni’s impressive range. Despite a recent debut, her entire performance would leave one to believe she is a long-time veteran in the industry. Ironically, the song is about Ayoni’s vision for her career and what the future has in store for it. The song was written at a moment in her life when she was not sure what her trajectory was, but is now a constant reminder to “trust the process and envision a limitless future” for herself. She has gained confidence over the years, and after writing this song, this confidence shines through in her performance. “Vision” is Ayoni’s writ of passage into absolute stardom.

Ayoni takes the listener on a psychedelic journey in “Vision” through her dreamy production and soulful vocals. The song begins with a steady piano led by Ayoni’s beautiful voice. After the first few lines, she hits the listener immediately with the hook, “I had a vision.” This marks the introduction of the drums, gradually releasing the high energy of the track. The listener is taken by pleasant surprise when the electric guitar makes its initial appearance. Before the one-minute mark, it is evident that Ayoni does not let the confines of one genre dictate her creative control. Instead, she flawlessly captures the essence of multiple different genres and combined it into one song to create “Vision”. Ayoni’s immeasurable talent is illustrated through this electric track, and her entire EP, The Vision.

Ayoni is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Barbados, currently based in Los Angeles. Due to her talent in the piano, the guitar, and technical production, her art does not remain constrained to one genre, but rather is a blend of ethereal pop and island soul. In 2019, she made her debut with her single, “Divine”. Later that year, she released her first album, Iridescent. This album featured her highly acclaimed ballad, “September”, which has nearly 4 million streams on Spotify and was featured on NPR’s Heat Check. Additionally, her 2020 single, “Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)” was praised by Ones to Watch due to its incredible message as a response to Black Lives Matter. With her newly released EP, The Vision, Ayoni continues to prove her talent through her powerful lyricism, strong vocals, and infectious production

Written By Karlee Smith



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