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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "WANT ME hate me" - Tyler Jarvis

Tyler Jarvis’ “WANT ME hate me” is practically a time machine with its ability to synthesize that youthful feeling of being in love and the whole back-and-forth, hard-to-get game in a song that transports you to way back when. It nails the struggle of figuring out your feelings; the fights, the conversations, and the need to return back to that person regardless of what you’ve been through with them. Tyler hones specifically into the point in a burgeoning relationship when you’re both at odds, but you still quietly float back to them in spite of it all. With fun and bright instrumentals, “WANT ME hate me” has a summery vibe that entwines itself with hopeful lyrics, creating a warm pop track that is all passion and honesty.

“WANT ME hate me” exudes a certain vibrancy from its instrumentals, vocals, and songwriting that, when combined, can only be described beautifully illustrative. While the song does begin slower, a little understated, the track oscillates between this mellower tempo and the more upbeat chorus; the instrumentals, too, change between calm and energetic synth, helping illustrate the story that Tyler tells with his songwriting. It’s a tale as old as time: a youthful rendezvous, a breakup, and the subsequent getting back together, wherein the cycle begins once more. In the case of “WANT ME hate me”, Tyler manages to paint this classic picture with vignettes that everyone can relate to, like “waiting around/for you to tell me ‘come over now’”. Not to mention Tyler’s vocals are superb; smooth and light, they match the song’s mood perfectly. All together, “WANT ME hate me” is full of emotion, whether that’s in its instrumentals, lyrics, or vocals; mixed together, it creates a beautiful experience that speaks to those who have had to wait around for that certain somebody to make up their mind.

After receiving a guitar as a gift on his thirteenth birthday, Tyler Jarvis was immediately taken with its reverberations and the magic of music. He combines both genuineness and individuality in his music, and provides a unique insight into the pop genre through the interplay of classic and current tones. He is influenced by greats such as Don Henley and Queen, and more modern masters like John Mayer and Ben Rector. In 2019, his debut single “Better Like That” dropped, and his most recent single “First Born” was released in 2023. “WANT ME hate me” is one of his 2022 releases, and if you enjoyed the smooth and joyful tones of Tyler Jarvis, consider exploring his extensive discography with similarly fun sounds.

Written By Alexa Leung



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