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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "War Outside Your Window" - Ethan Hodges

The world can be a dark and scary place at times. Its menacing claws can hook onto you with its deceptive lies and hurtful crimes—making you grow weary. In the beautiful poetic ballad, “War Outside Your Window,” Ethan Hodges pours out his soul to a magical track filled with entrancing percussion and celestial piano chords. Lyrically, he harnesses the feeling of defeat and compares the world to the song’s namesake: a war outside your window. In what seems like a typewriter beat, the song can almost be interpreted as a written note to someone who is struggling to make it, “You’re still hurting//But I still love you the same//Don’t you dare be ashamed.” Ethan Hodges reminds the listener that life’s battles may hook you in, but there is always a way to free yourself. “War Outside Your Window” makes you feel as though you’re a feather, floating above the scene and seeing everything for what it is.

Creativity is the window to an artist’s soul. It’s their perception of art, making their work a unique charm. Ethan Hodges has a creative mind, incorporating unusual instruments like woodblocks hit by broomstick drum brushes, to develop a spell-binding sound and encapsulate a sense of wonderment. Written like a poem, Ethan Hodges begins the song with forthright lyrics, “There’s a war outside your window//It calls and beckons you out//And it scares you to death//When you think of the noise and the crowds” and ends it with a different, yet emboldened sentiment, “There’s a world outside your window//It’s calling and beckons you out//But I know you’ll get past it somehow,” bringing the song full circle. With its dreamy production and profound message, “War Outside Your Window” is a closet that leads you to a wonderland—permeated by a snowfall of hope, encouragement and reassurance.

Ethan Hodges is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter and producer, based in Surrey, UK. From his childhood bedroom, he gained popularity during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic by uploading covers onto TikTok. Ever since his rising fame on social media, Ethan Hodges has collected over 300k followers, and had a few covers go viral: “Slipping Through My Fingers,” “Happier Than Ever” and “Remember.” His consistency on social media has landed him a platform where he can reach people with his own music—enabling him to begin his solo career. “War Outside Your Window” is his first original song, and hopefully, his first of many.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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